Win-Win Partnership

Synergy between our business partners, sponsors and the community.

A focused effort towards development of unemployed youth (children of your own employees etc) through building character, outlook and providing relevant exposure as needed in business resulting in win-win-win scenario for business, community and individuals

 B-BBEE Points

First Step Academy is certified as B-BBEE status Level 1
Business partners can earn B-BBEE points based on:

-Skills development

-Socio-economic development

-CSI contribution

-Enterprise and supplier development points via First Step Developent Services (Pty) Ltd

Tax Rebates

First Step Academy is a PBO and registered Article 18A company which creates
the opportunity for Tax rebates on all contributions to First Step Academy

Other Incentives

Sponsors and partners can explore the Employment Tax Incentive (ETI) (Youth younger than 29)

Get involved

If you or your company would like to get involved in building up young professionals alongside First Step Academy, please fill out the form below and hit “submit” and we’ll get in touch with you.